Ah. I quite understand about the suid.


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Subject: Re: vmware3 host with xp raw guest - plea for help

> The license key installed at
> /usr/local/lib/vmware/licenses/user/license.ws.3.0
> isn't sufficient to run the port correctly. Mine still
> has the permissions you noted and it doesn't make
> a difference to the port. You'll need a legitimate
> license with the same name under ~/.vmware for
> things to run properly. THAT one in my install
> has permissions 744.

i have it, but it is 600, which should be fine. i was whining
about the other because any setuid is a security issue.

> I'm running a psm mouse (/dev/psm0) on my I8K
> Dell laptop. I've got it configured with moused and
> used in X via /dev/sysmouse. I found that the
> mouse device in vmware should be configured as
> PS/2 with "Autodetect" checked.

thought i tried that. will again. thanks.

> The configuration wizard will indeed crash if you
> start it from the menu. If you start it directly as
> /usr/local/lib/vmware/bin/vmware-wizard it does
> not crash.

aha! thanks.


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