Has anyone managed to get Crossover Office 2.0.1 running
under either FreeBSD-STABLE or FreeBSD-CURRENT? We managed to
get Crossover Office 1.2 sort of running under -STABLE but it
has problems. Crossover Office 2.0.1 won't run, coming up with
various errors such as "Can't write to registry: argument conversion
failed: 1!=0" and "Can't create icons directory: ''" (that's two
single quotes, i.e. a null path).

We'd really love to disentangle ourselves from using
Citrix and the corporate NT servers. Is there work underway to
get the linux-base up to snuff?

We tried linux_base-7.1 and linux_base-8. We also ran
the distribution on a Red Hat box to make sure it worked (it

Anyone else with experiences to share? I checked the
archives of this list and came up dry.

Mike O'Brien
The Aerospace Corporation
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