Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
>> Too much talk from people not willing to do the heavy lifting.

> There have been a number of serious attempts and in depth research
> into various ports system issues (I still need to wade through a
> rather long one sent to me privately)... an other question did you
> read the preamble to this thread at all? (where it says I have
> volunteered to do the "heavy lifting" for anything that comes out this
> discussion [two others privately asked to also be involved])

What he's saying is that there have been many before you who have
said and promised the same. Ideas get hashed out and we build
amazing bike-sheds, but there has seldom been real product. What
you have yet to do is distinguish yourself from history.

In short, patches please. Until then, don't expect enthusiastic

Darren Pilgrim
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