> On Sun, Nov 25, 2007 at 08:12:36PM -0600, eBoundHost: Artur wrote:
>> >PS. What should be abolished on the grounds of decency is top posting
>> >& rehashing topics that have been gone on about ad nauseum, & on the
>> >wrong mailing list.

>> My apologies for top posting, will never happen again. I've never posted
>> to a list before.

> That's OK but what isn't OK is to take somebody elses post &
> selectively edit it when quoting from it, like you have done to my
> post.
> You also failed to address most of my points.

Frank, No offense, but who has time to go through all points of every post
and respond. There was much said here but i want to keep this post on

>> >>Learn to
>> >>moderate yourselves, this is what "freedom" is all based on, being good
>> >>to
>> >>others.
>> >
>> >Nonsense. Freedom is about the right to voice disagreement with
>> >others amongst other things.

>> Do you even notice the irony in what you said?

> Artur, it was meant to be ironic I haven't got the right to stop
> top posting no more than you have.

My apologies, I'm reading everything as an attack now a days. :-)

> And you haven't got the right to excise Hitler's name from FreeBSD
> material. Don't you see the irony in that? When he banned certain
> artists on the grounds of "decency" just like you're proposing to do.

Two points

1) first of all, i don't think that freebsd operating system is an
appropriate forum to express political views. so whether we are for or
against censorship or democracy or fascism or communism, it really does not
matter. what matters is how good our coding is, and how appropriate the
wording on our website. because like it or not, we have to present a decent
website that does not offend our users and does not make us look bad in
front of non-users.

2) That's the thing, banning hitlers name is not at all what i'm trying to
do. I think we should keep his quotes in the database of quotes, if that's
what the community thinks is appropriate. What I'm suggesting is that we
remove his name from the website:
(http://www.freebsd.org/internal/fortunes.html) because it seems to
innapropriately focus the attention away from the program (Fortune) and
unecessarily makes the FreeBSD community seem like a bunch of insensitive
jerks because we seemingly condone hitlers sayings. People who come
accross this wording will not stop to think about all the deep philosophical
reasons why the text needs to be there to protect freedoms. All they will
see is that we seemingly support Hitler. Why don't we have other names
controversial during our times like Mussolini, Stalin, or even Gorge Bush?

> Just because he was "evil" doesn't mean he and the rest of his
> henchmen didn't have something interesting to say about the human
> condition. If you don't believe me, read "Brave New World: Revisited"
> by A.Huxley.

This has nothing to do with anything that I'm saying. Listen, my
grandmother also has some interesting things to say but you don't put her
name on the front page of the Fortune program because it's not appropriate.
Same thing here. Just not an appropriate forum.

> Follow-ups to chat&freebsd.org please.

Done and done.

Best regards,


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