Yuri wrote:
>> Can't there be something added such as an easy to search for FAQ so
>> this topic doesn't come up 2-7 times per month? I know people should use
>> a search engine and search for the information first, but people seem
>> extremely lazy and always ask current@, hackers@, and questions@,
>> amongst other lists I'm sure..
>> Thanks,
>> -Garrett
>> PS Please CC me if replying on chat@, as I'm not subscribed to that list.

> BTW googling "nvidia freebsd driver amd64" doesn't show this Wiki-page on the
> first 3 google-pages.
> This means that it's not named properly. 'Feature requests' isn't what most
> people would search for.
> Yuri

Need to tip the Google scales a bit then. More people that go to the
wiki with that search query will increase the probability of the wiki
page being in the top X number of queries..
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