This is just a short little complaint. Could we please make mail
exchange error messages just a little more understandable? For the rare
occurrences where I actually get a legit non-spam induced bounce it
would be nice to be able to quickly discern what happened.

1 - Don't use pronouns. "This domain is is blacklisted." Oh I see it
was "THIS" domain that was blacklisted. That clears things up. Contact
the postmaster? Oh I see "THE" postmaster.

2 - Say what you mean to say.
----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----

Actually, the address probably didn't have any errors. It was probably
some sort of anti-spam in play.

3 - Use complete sentences. Please include a subject and verb PLUS the
reason why there is an error. " rejected
for reason." "There is no mailbox suchandsuch at"

(now I must wonder what sort of default sillyness my server spews to
everyone else when every variety of spam malfeasance reflects of my MX)

I used to think that running my own MX was neat. Now I am starting to
think that this is the realm of wizards. Can mere mortals use the
internet without ceaselessly battling with asshats? The fight is all
gone out of me.

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