Le Jeu 21 jui 07 à 14:33:56 +0200, Oliver Fromme

> > I have a cousin who's taking up a programming course. He doesn't have
> > background with programming nor an in depth understanding of how the
> > computer works. I tried explaining him that it all started with
> > abacus, and that people wanted to use something that could make their
> > arithmetic life easier and that Charles Babbage tried automating this
> > manual calculator with his steam engine or some sort... and that...

> Actually Charles Babbage designed a complex mechanical
> computing machine (with lots of gearwheels etc.), but
> it only ever existed on paper. Only small parts of it
> have actually been built, but never the whole thing,
> because it was too complex. It would work in theory,
> though. :-)

Pascal built such a machine:
Th. Thomas.
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