On Oct 30, 2006, at 12:43 PM, Freddie Cash wrote:

> On Sunday 29 October 2006 07:03 pm, soralx@cydem.org wrote:
>> can anyone kindly recommend a decent GUI imap client? I used KMail
>> for
>> quite a while and didn't complain, but decided to move away from it
>> (slow, stores message flags in some weird way usable only to itself,
>> fancy, requires KDE, etc).

> The "requires KDE" I can understand being a bad thing for some people.
> The rest, though, I find very strange. I've been using KMail since
> 3.0, and Kontact since it was released, without any issues. I have
> over
> 50 folders (with sub-folders) holding 1.5 GB of messages, with some
> folders having over 20,000 messages. Never had a problem with
> slowness
> (except the period where the IMAP server was running Courier IMAP,
> switching it to Cyrus sped things up a lot).
> As for non-KMail IMAP clients, the ones I know and have used:
> - evolution (horrid thing, too much like Outlook)
> - thunderbird (nice, cross-platform)
> Personnally, I'd recommend sticking with KMail, but I'm a KDE-
> whore.

Thunderbird is nice, you may also want to check out Sylpheed


Mike H
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