Am 30.10.2006 um 10:40 schrieb Jan Grant:

> On Sun, 29 Oct 2006, wrote:
>> can anyone kindly recommend a decent GUI imap client? I used KMail
>> for
>> quite a while and didn't complain, but decided to move away from it
>> (slow, stores message flags in some weird way usable only to itself,
>> fancy, requires KDE, etc). So I tried sylpheed-claws (I often heard
>> compliments in it's address, since the times of stuphead). Well, it
>> turned out to be an ugly one: has a nasty habit of coredumping a
>> dozen
>> times per day, never saves any preferences, completely untunable
>> (hell,
>> I can't even change the vertical dimension of so-called 'Folder' list
>> -- what a waste of space!), just riddled with bugs. Not very
>> usable
>> Is there a kind of compromise between KMail and sylpheed? (or
>> something
>> original wouldn't hurt either

> For some values of "decent", there's mulberry. It's been through some
> rough times recently though and its status is somewhat uncertain.
> Mulberry also has a flavour some find not to their linking (that is,
> it's pig-ugly).

Cyrus released it as free-as-in-beer recently, and has announced that
he's trying to open source it as soon as he can get all necessary
rights together. The Linux binary (used to) run just fine on 4 and 5.


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