"Marc G. Fournier" wrote:

> On Thu, 31 Aug 2006, Miod Vallat wrote:
> >> I'd rather have Adaptec provide a source code driver for their cards
> >> directly, then have Scott Long have to fight with unavailability of
> >> documentation itself ... if the driver works, what do we need
> >> documentation for?

> >
> > To fix the driver.

> If the vendor is supporting the driver, and working with the community,
> then one would hope that they would also fix the driver as bug reports
> come in about it ...

That is beyond naive. Many companies don't even do this for their windows
drivers. There's lots of perfectly good hardware out there that doesn't
work in recent windows releases because the company making it wants you to
buy more hardware, so they refuse to update their drivers. You can keep
your vendor lock in thanks, I don't want it.

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