On Sat, 24 Sep 2005, Lowell Gilbert wrote:

>> I am teaching a class and hoped to cover version 6.0 but when
>> 6.0-BETA4-i386-bootonly.iso failed on my laptop due to some vr0 LOR
>> error (I found was already known[1] but not in a PR and I don't know
>> if it is fixed), I realized that I shouldn't use it since I can't test
>> the hardware in my classroom ahead of time.

> Regardless of which release you are using, you really want to test on
> the target hardware ahead of time.

Not very easy. I can't expect the facility to test for me since they
don't know the first thing about FreeBSD and it would be time consuming
to do remotely. And I am over 1500 miles away.

I feel comfortable with 5.4-RELEASE. I have taught over 14 classes
covering FreeBSD 4.x through 5.x and don't have opportunity to test in
most cases. A few times, I have flown in earlier day and visit classroom
and in a few cases companies/students have tested on their hardware ahead
of time.

Jeremy C. Reed

technical support & remote administration
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