On Sun, 20 Mar 2005 19:52:38 +0200, siraj kutlusan wrote:
> hey im 14 and a male. i have been using freebsd for about one and a
> half year. and i was wondering if ther ewas a girl my age that wanted
> to talk about freebsd with me. i also like C, astrophysics mathematics
> etc

lol i think this kid is already way smarter them me

Note to admin if you tell him this is not a good place to ask, where
els would he ask this ? Let me higlight a few words

"using freebsd for about one and a half year."
"i also like C, astrophysics mathematics"

Now where the hell are you going to ask this ? I dont know in wich
shool you have been but i would be kicked my ass for saying that. So i
really think this would be the perfect place to ask. If his interest
where MENEM or something ok then i maybe would agree
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