On Mon, 28 Feb 2005, David Scheidt wrote:

> I need a three button mouse. Just three buttons, no wheel, no bells, no
> whistles. I can't find one, as everything has a silly wheel. I'm not
> picky about interface (PS/2, USB, serial, or Bluetooth will work), or
> balls v. optical. Does anyone still sell these things?

I know you said you've ordered some, but I have a Mouse Systems 3 button
mouse for the PC in the original box. Works with serial or PS/2 port.

The only drawback is that you have to use the grid pad with it (Mouse
Systems, the original Optical Mouse).

Jamie Bowden

"It was half way to Rivendell when the drugs began to take hold"
Hunter S Tolkien "Fear and Loathing in Barad Dur"
Iain Bowen

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