As I understand it, they already support i386, SPARC, PPC, and M68K; don't
know about amd64. (Could be an opportunity for you to contribute. ;-)
As for Itanic: I'm not sure why anyone would waste time supporting it. It's
a dead architecture.


At 06:16 PM 12/19/2004, Kris Kennaway wrote:

>On Sun, Dec 19, 2004 at 05:45:14PM -0700, Brett Glass wrote:
>> At 02:13 PM 12/18/2004, Kris Kennaway wrote:
>> >Great, let us know when it's ready!

>> Soeren and others would be very insulted, I suspect, if you
>> claimed that it wasn't.

>OK, so where *can* I download TenDRA for my amd64, sparc64 and ia64
>machines (per the part of the message you chopped)?

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