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From: Scott Sharon

I am fairly new to Unix based operating systems.
Still studying basic commands andunderstanding the "inner workings" of
Unix based OS's.
I am trying to make 1 of my computers into a router.
I do not want to spend over 200.00 for a copy of 2k or 2k3 server from
Also want a more stabe and secure OS in charge of my security (I.E.
Firewall, routing my DSL signal to 2 other computers, anti virus for
my small network.)
Just wondering, what would be the best Free BSD for my needs?

Many Thanks, and continue the great work!!!
Scott Sharon



If all you want to use the computer for is as a router, you might wish to
consider OpenBSD. A common setup is to use OpenBSD on a router / firewall
box and FreeBSD on the remaining servers, because OpenBSD is regarded by
many as being the most secure Unix-like operating system. FreeBSD is also
quite capable in the router / firewall role. If you're new to BSD systems,
and / or if you want to do much more with the box than routing traffic, I
would recommend FreeBSD. In my opinion, FreeBSD has an edge when it comes
to hardware support, flexibility, and ease of use.

The projects have quite different primary motivations, which can be
illustrated by their one-line descriptions:

OpenBSD: Free, functional, and secure.
FreeBSD: The power to serve.

Of course, NetBSD also deserves mention but since I've never used it I can't

It may behoove you to check out their web sites, then decide:



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