Scott Sharon wrote:

> Hello,
> I am fairly new to Unix based operating systems.

That's OK. In the early 1970's, almost everyone in the world was
new to UNIX. Now, a *few* people are good, maybe even real good,
but perhaps the world at large is still "fairly new" to it. But then,
a lot of the world doesn't even have a computer yet, eh?

> Still studying basic commands andunderstanding the "inner workings" of
> Unix based OS's.
> I am trying to make 1 of my computers into a router.

Not too hard.

> I do not want to spend over 200.00 for a copy of 2k or 2k3 server from
> Microsft.

I hear ya.

> Also want a more stabe and secure OS in charge of my security (I.E.
> Firewall, routing my DSL signal to 2 other computers, anti virus for
> my small network.)
> Just wondering, what would be the best Free BSD for my needs?

There is only one "FreeBSD". There are other *BSD operating systems:
NetBSD and OpenBSD are "all in the family". DragonflyBSD is a very
recent (split?/variant?) of FreeBSD. AFAIK, all use the BSD license,
which makes them quite free, (as in "free beer").

Since you've posted to FreeBSD's "chat" list. I guess the answer
would have to be: "FreeBSD is your best choice." ;-)

The handbook (, Google,
and the mailing lists (together with their archives, *very
important*), are about all you should need. Good luck!

> Many Thanks, and continue the great work!!!
> Scott Sharon

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
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