Rahul Siddharthan writes:
> [is Bill Huey the troll?]

Does anybody seriously believe this? AFAIK, this came up in a heated
discussion on IRC, where someone accused him of being the troll and he
replied with a sarcastic affirmative. Some people who had previously
been witnesses to or victims of his abusive behaviour on the mailing
lists were only to happy to take this at face value as it provided
them with an excellent excuse to have him banned from the lists.

For my part, while I don't particularly like Bill Huey, I have no
reason to believe that he is the troll, and a couple of good reasons
to believe that he isn't: Bill has never been afraid to post
inflammatory material under his own name; there are good reasons to
believe the troll's claim that he is a committer, while Bill is not;
and the troll appeared long before the Java funding argument through
which Bill alienated himself from the community.

Dag-Erling Sm=F8rgrav - des@des.no
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