Allan Bowhill writes:

> On 0, Brad Knowles wrote:
>: Prepare to be fingerprinted.

> Few U.S. citizens haven't been.

Now they can prepare to be DNA databased, as U.K. citizens have.
Orwell was an optimist.

I heard a new twist on it last week. Cops want a guy's DNA and don't
want to bother a judge to use his search warrant rubber stamp. So
they send the guy a letter which causes the guy to send a return
letter. (I forget the ruse -- a prize announcement or something. The
report didn't say whether it had a Police letterhead or was something
more covert.) So he licks the envelope and/or stamp, drops it in the
mail, and now his DNA is in the database. (Yes, it matched.)

Anybody know when the term "sheeple" was coined? I first heard it
last year on a talk show; maybe Limbaugh, but probably Dr. Michael
Savage (who I recommend to those who think Limbaugh is extreme or

USA, 06 January 1984+20
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