> And therein lies a problem. The only thing any of the committers cares
> about is what they think. Got a problem? Submit a patch. Don't like the
> way things are done? Submit a patch. Don't like how such-and-such a util
> works? Submit a patch.

Let me also point out that the "submit a patch" response can mean any
number of things. It can mean anything from "go away you annoying twit" to
"that would be really cool, I just don't have time to code it". Typically,
when someone does say "submit a patch" they do clarify and you can tell what
they really mean by it.

FreeBSD does need more advocacy if it wants to get the kind of visibility
and credibility that Linux has in the public perception. Frankly, I'm kind
of baffled that it doesn't. I've always found the two OSes more or less
interchangeable and tend to install whichever one whose CD I can find first.


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