On Tue, Dec 09, 2003 at 07:32:52PM -0500, Francisco Reyes wrote:
> This is going go be a firewall for a small office. The client wants
> a small machine. I showed him a mini-tower from tiger-direct.com
> (which I hate, but the machine was semi small and dirt chip) and the
> client said no. He said he wants something on the 10" by 15" or
> less ballpark.

Have you taken a look at the single-board computers from Soekris Engineering?


Those should be small enough for your client. :-)

I have deployed the NET4801 and NET4521 models as a firewall and
firewall/wireless AP respectively, and they work perfectly.

I'm running m0n0wall on them, which is a stripped down version of
FreeBSD 4.9:


No moving parts, no noise, low power draw. Very happy with them!


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