I've been looking around and Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP hosting sites are a
dime a dozen. What I really want is a FreeBSD/Apache/PostgreSQL/PHP
hosting site. Looking around, I've not seen anyone offering this service
and nothing comes close in the $10/month price range all the LAMP sites

A few companies, such as 800hosting.com and RackSpace offer FreeBSD
dedicated hosting, but at $99/month, this is a bit steep especially when
all I need is something to host email and a couple small databases.

Therefore, I propose a FreeBSD hosting cooperative. I think a few capable
FreeBSD administrators could offer up $200-$300 dollars to cover start up
and resell the remaining space. It probably would not turn a major
profit, but it will probably pay for itself.

So, I write now asking if anyone is interested.

Thank you, James


James Howard
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