X-Operating-System: Linux 2.4.20 i686

Duncan Barclay wrote:
> From: "David O'Brien"
> > I'll seriously argue against the 2nd point above. I don't know of a
> > SINGLE person that uses /bin/sh as their interactive shell when
> > multi-user. Not ONE. Every Bourne shell'ish user I've ever met
> > uses
> > Bash, AT&T ksh, pdksh, zsh.

> I don't know anyone that farms lama's, so there cannot be any lama
> farmers.

I very much doubt there are any.

"The one-l lama is a priest
The two-l llama is a beast
And I will bet a silk pajama
You'll never see a three-l lllama"
-- Ogden Nash.

- Rahul
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