Dag-Erling Sm=F8rgrav wrote:
> Andreas Klemm writes:
> > I even dislike that UUCP had to go into ports ... Now you don't
> > have a standard tool in standard OS install like cu to connect
> > to serial ports what need for job in the networking area.

> =

> When UUCP was removed, tip(1) was hacked to understand cu(1)'s
> command-line syntax, so we still have cu(1). I use it every day.

FYI, UUCP is also required by POSIX 1003.1-2003


It's part of the [XSI] subset, which is required for compliance
with the Single UNIX Specification. If FreeBSD wants certification
someday, it will have to bring back UUCP.

-- Terry
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