On Wed, 2003-09-10 at 07:08, Alan B. Clegg wrote:
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> Subject: BSD/OS ISE Product Notification
> Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 07:14:10 -0400
> From: bsdos@windriver.com
> Reply-To: bsdos@windriver.com
> Organization: Wind River System, Inc.
> To: bsdos@windriver.com
> 09 September 2003
> Dear BSD/OS Customer --
> Thank you for your purchase and continued support of Wind River's BSD/OS
> INTERNET SERVER EDITION (ISE). We hope that our products have met your
> needs and we appreciate your business.
> This letter is your official notification that we are initiating the
> retirement phase for all of our BSD/OS-based products, including BSD/OS
> ISE. The difficult economic situation of the past few years, as well as
> other market factors, have forced us to re-evaluate our products and
> realign our product offerings to meet the long term needs of our customers.
> This was a very difficult decision, one which we did not make lightly.
> We will be releasing one final version of BSD/OS, as BSD/OS 5.1 ISE.
> This version will be available in October 2003, and will be available
> as an upgrade for BSD/OS 5.0 ISE customers with current maintenance.
> We recognize that you may still require support for your existing
> projects. Phone and e-mail support, as well as bug fixes and patches,
> will be available from Wind River for certain versions through 31 December
> 2004. Contact your sales representative to make special arrangements
> for support after 31 December 2004.
> For more detailed information, please refer to the enclosed BSD/OS ISE
> Retirement Summary.
> If you have additional questions, please contact your local sales
> representative. If you are in the United States, please call
> +1 800 545 WIND.
> Again, we thank you for your continued support of BSD/OS over the years.
> Sincerely,
> Wind River
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I know I will be the first to say this,this is a sad sad day.

I really hate to see BSD/OS fall this far, but it was coming and was
known for quite some time.

Economic factor's arn't really the problem. BSD/OS's viability became
less and less known. I remember running BSD/OS on my servers with 3.1,
and loving the stability.

This will be another day in my memory to never leave, knowing when
BSD/OS leaves.

As far as help, BSDi was a large help in general to FreeBSD in earlier
releases. As of late i'm not quite sure how much help they did offer.
But they used to be very helpful if memory serves.

But we shall hold our BSD/OS CD's high and say we once ran the most
stable secure *cough* OS ever.

Thanks for everything WindRiver, and your coder team.


Scott M. Likens

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