* Gianmarco (gmarco@giovannelli.it) [030824 10:45]:
> Hi all. I have to prepare a little talk/presentation about the possibility of
> using FreeBSD in a productive enviroment instead of proprietary OS (windows
> :-).
> I was looking on web to find some info/material/benchmarks about performances
> of FreeBSD/Linux/WinNt under the common server tasks (web, email, ftp and so
> on ...) . I have found a lot of things but not so much recent and mostly
> about Linux not FreeBSD.
> If someone can point out to some references or new benchmarks about our OS
> I'll be very happy. If there is nothing about FreeBSD also Linux/Unix
> material is happily accepted ...
> Thanks ...
> P.s.
> Once I read in this area a link about a file which summarize the main
> differences about FreeBSD, Linux and Windog with little smiles. I got the
> file too, but I have not with me now. Will someone so kind to repost the link
> please. I tried also on the search page of FreeBSD but it seems out of work.
> Thanks again....

There's some MTA benchmarking.


Benjamin Krueger
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