* Brett Glass (brett@lariat.org) [030814 11:38]:
> At 01:43 AM 8/14/2003, Kris Kennaway wrote:
> >On Wed, Aug 13, 2003 at 11:25:04PM -0600, Brett Glass wrote:
> >> CERT Advisory CA-2003-21 GNU Project FTP Server Compromise

> >
> >This never would have happened if they had used the BSDL!

> Not true, of course. But on the other hand, the fact that FreeBSD
> uses their code means that it may have integrated Trojaned source.
> Another reason to avoid using code from a group that's not only
> unethical and malicious but also careless about security.
> Kris, as a member of FreeBSD's security team I hope you're checking
> to make sure that Trojaned code was not included. (The most effective
> way would, of course, be to remove the GNU code from FreeBSD, but while
> I'd like to see that done it's probably too much to hope for.)
> --Brett Glass

Now Brett, just because you have a bug up your butt about the GPL doesn't
mean you get the right to libel the folks who take care of it.

Benjamin Krueger
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