Hi all,

This isn't FreeBSD related, except that I want to deploy a dozen or so
of these servers with guess-which-OS. :-)

For a reasonably equipped IDE RAID server, I went with the S845WD1-E
Intel server board (single P4, dual channel on-board RAID1), and chose
the Enlight EN-89810SX3 2U chassis. Only after building the thing do I
realize that these Enlight cases have a standard ATX power supply
(20-pin main power, 4-pin secondary), but the server board needs a
ATX12V or EPS12V power supply. After contacting the (large) hardware
supplier we bought the components from, and contacting several local
retail computer/networking shops, no one seems to have any answers.
Google wasn't even much help... except in confirming that these things
are apparently not very well known. :-) I haven't yet tried to contact
Intel directly.

Any idea where I can find a power supply that will work with this board,
in a 2U form factor?

Or would I be better off sending the Intel board back to supplier from
whence it came? :-)

- Ryan

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