the mailing.* hierarchy appears to be one of the better ones ... the only
beef I have with them is that they don't seem to honor the Message-ID from
the original list, which makes it very difficult to setup any redundancy

On Sat, 16 Aug 2003, Faried Nawaz wrote:

> Hello,
> Is there a mail-to-news gateway for the FreeBSD lists? I'm on dialup and
> I'd prefer something like that to downloading list mail. My local news
> server carries the muc.* lists, but they don't seem to get a lot of
> articles; maybe my newsfeed is busted (news seems to be the lowest priority
> of all organizations, except maybe Google).
> I have a static IP, if it helps. I'm okay with a one-way feed (ie, I can
> post/reply via mail).
> Thanks,
> Faried.
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