David Kelly writes:

> On Tuesday 12 August 2003 05:49 pm, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> >
> > WEP is sufficiently insecure that if and when I get around to using
> > wireless at home, I'll need to firewall the wireless net heavily in
> > any case. I may just leave it without WEP for the convenience of
> > occasional visitors (as long as I don't notice strangers hopping onto
> > it much).

> Has been my intent when/if I implement wireless to mandate IPsec and
> forget about WEP.

That's more or less on the same page; it fits nicely in my comment
about needing to firewall in any case.

However, WEP and IPSec are not quite as interchangeable as David Kelly
makes them sound. Even without access to the outside world, intruders
could make themselves a nuisance.
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