At 11:19 AM 8/11/2003, Robert Watson wrote:

>Hey, if you want unusual computing activities from cars, try this one on.
>While driving home from the Shenandoah Valley this weekend, we ran into
>car problems.

If you'd watched where you were going, you would have stopped
before hitting them. ;-)

> While waiting for roadside service, I pulled out my
>notebook, found two access points, and submitted changes on our
>integration of MAC support into IPsec in Perforce. I ran into about 60
>wireless devices on the drive back, of which 35 were APs. 60% of these
>didn't use WEP.

That's typical. Even in our little town, there are lots and lots of
open APs. Ours, however, let you see only a friendly introductory Web
page until you log in, with reliable, strong encryption (not WEP).

--Brett Glass

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