On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Chip Morton wrote:

> At 02:30 AM 8/13/2003, Terry Lambert wrote:
> >So... how much SPAM will need to be sent from behind your NAT,
> >making it look like it's you who's SPAM'ming, before you close
> >the thing down?

> It would take enough spam to get a complaint sent to my ISP (whoever
> that is) which makes them take action against me. Until then, I'll take
> my chances.
> But honestly, I can't imagine that anybody serious about sending spam is
> waiting for somebody in this area to set up an open wireless network to
> wreak havoc. It just seems like a low probability event.

Funny, I know of at least one company that has had a serious problem with
spam being delivered using their wireless network -- in their case, it was
particularly a problem since they had a very large pipe to the outside
world, and a sizeable parking lot.

As a home user, you can quite easily find yourself in violation of your
AUP, which can be a pain if they actually pull the plug on you. You might
also find people using your wireless access to break into other people's
systems -- while it's unlikely you'd have any liability in that situation,
I think it would be best to discourage the FBI or local law enforcement
from turning up on my doorstep unnecessarily, especially if they're
looking for evidence relating to computers.

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