Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Bill Moran writes:
>>Robert Watson wrote:
>>>On Mon, 11 Aug 2003, Bill Moran wrote:
>>>>You encorage me, Rob. Your story tells me that the "law of
>>>>percentages" is in my favor. It's
>>>>the same theory that has sold so many car "club"s. If I set up the
>>>>wireless networks I install with any measure of security
>>>>whatsoever, it's unlikely that they'll get attacked/cracked simply
>>>>because there are so many other easy targets.
>>>Fear the world in which WEP is considered a effective deterrant :-).

>>Fear then. For that is currently the world we live in!

> WEP is sufficiently insecure that if and when I get around to using
> wireless at home, I'll need to firewall the wireless net heavily in
> any case. I may just leave it without WEP for the convenience of
> occasional visitors (as long as I don't notice strangers hopping onto
> it much).

It's a trade-off ... like most security situations. I currently know of
no situations that are secured to my liking. The ridiculous rules I
try to enforce always seem to go over the convenience threshold and get
shot down.

That's OK. I get paid to fix things after they're cracked. And if "I
told them so", then I don't bother to feel bad about it.

However, the number of users I know whose password is "password" is
unnerving, to say the least.

And ... as far as I'm concerned, WEP is _completly_ insecure, and totally

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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