I've got my computer triple booting Windows 2000
Pro, which I rarely use, as well as Linux
Mandrake 9.1 and FreeBSD 4.8. Today I was
thinking about it, and it seemed to me that
FreeBSD boots and shuts down faster...

So, I decided to do my own little unscientific
test. I set up Mandrake to boot to the CLI
instead of KDE, as FreeBSD does, and then I timed
them booting from the LILO prompt, and shutting

Both systems are running the stock (unmodified)
kernel, and the only difference is that the
FreeBSD kernel is compiled from CVSUP from 4.7
with K-6 optimizations.

I am running an Athlon XP 1800+ (1.533 GHz) with
512 mb of 233 MHz DDR SDRAM on an Albatron KX400+
Pro mobo, and Linux and FreeBSD are on twin EIDE
30.7 gig hard disks, each on their own

The results:
Boot Time Shutdown
Linux Mandrake 9.1 34.23 seconds 19.01 sec

FreeBSD 4.8-Stable 25.85 seconds 6.61 sec

To be honest, the time recorded for FreeBSD
shutdown time is more than it should be, since
the system halted so fast that I didn't realize
it had halted for a second. I estimate the
actual shutdown time to be something between 5
and 5.5 seconds.

Don't know how useful or interesting this is, but
I thought I'd share it.


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