On Mon, Aug 04, 2003 at 03:10:33PM -0600 I heard the voice of
Scott Long, and lo! it spake thus:
> Kris Kennaway wrote:
> >
> >Please explain. I think this is FUD - nothing has come to depend on
> >portupgrade, except that it provides useful features that the ports
> >collection itself never has.

Trying to keep things updated and in sync, while technically possible
without portupgrade, rapidly approaches the joy factor of slivers of
magnesium inserted under your fingernails and ignited. While having your
eyes inspected by masonry drills.

> The 'fontconfig' mess of recent XFree86 has made a royal mess of things,
> and the common response I hear to that is, "the ports system is
> fundamentally flawed and cannot be taught to deal with it, but
> portupgrade can". However, the times that I've tried to install
> portupgrade on a non-virgin system (i.e. a system that has been around
> for a few months and has had many ports installed through the
> traditional means), it winds up horribly screwing my installation and
> leaving many things, most notably X, damaged and unusable. I've heard
> the same horror stories from others around me.

It should be noted that I took the plunge sometime (earlier this year, or
late last) and installed portupgrade to mess with it. I installed this
system in early 1999 with an early 4.0-CURRENT, and installed, upgraded,
deinstalled, didn't-deinstall-but-did-whack-the-pkg-dir,
partially-deinstalled, installed-over, installed 3 and 4 versions,
partially overlapping files, and did all sorts of unspeakable things to
it for years. I managed to trend things toward a bit cleaner layout with

Now, I never give it its head. I rarely use the recursive features,
instead sifting through portversion and giving it a long list manually,
which it then internally sorts into the 'optimal' order. It's rather
messy in places, to be sure, but after years of managing ports
manually... yeah, it's an improvement.

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