I have for tomorrow a machine to play with:

Supermicro Mobo
2x P4-2.4GHz Xeon 533MHz FSB
2GB PC2100 memory
LSI Logic MegaRaid SATA-6 with 6 80GB Seagate drives 8mb cache.

The drives are setup as a raid 5 (5 drives, one is hotspare).
Strip size is set to 64KB, rest of controller is in default

I am trying to come up with a way to stress this and get some
numbers as I would like to compare it against like a 5x36GB
10K RPM U320 raid. It is relatively cheap for the extra space
it gives.

Regards, Ulf.

Ulf Zimmermann, 1525 Pacific Ave., Alameda, CA-94501, #: 510-865-0204
You can find my resume at: http://seven.Alameda.net/~ulf/resume.html
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