Jerry Hicks wrote:

> In the case of one major Linux vendor's enterprise products they are
> even pitching 'longer release cycles' as a product feature.
> "We're repackaging stale open source software and charging you extra
> for it."
> Oddly enough, all the pointy hairs I know think that is a good thing.

There is a reason for this. PHBs within enterprises understand "risk" in
terms of product development and the impact short release cycles can
have. A longer release cycle implies to them that the company is taking
longer over it due to testing and therefore the risk on deployment is

In my opinion, this attitude should be applauded, rather than the "let's
rush it out of the door right now and see what happens" appraoch. But
then, my degree is software engineering, so I'm bound to say that...

Paul Robinson

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