* Paul Robinson [2003-07-14 09:32:12 BST]:
> As the friend who pointed it out to me said: "Now that's marketing". Perhaps
> somebody should consider offering FreeBSD on similar terms:
> http://milkyway.has.it/
> Or then again, maybe not. :-)
> Make sure you scroll down for the "articles" - the "Salient Features of
> Linux" certainly cheered up my Monday morning. Trust me, it would take too
> long to argue against each of these points here on the list, so don't
> bother. Just read, nod wisely and feel smug you're not that stupid. :-)

Well, personally I'm still trying to figure out what planet this guy is
on. Once I've worked this out I'll then be in a position to to comment
on the cluenessless quotient....


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