On Fri, 2003-07-11 at 09:51, Alex Trull wrote:
> * Bill Moran [2003-07-11 09:03:55 -0400]:
> > I'm still having trouble understanding the motive behind all this.
> > Obviously, SCO can't seriously believe they can gain anything from
> > this lawsuit ... Are they nuts and actually think they can win? Is
> > there some other motive that no one has yet to discern? Even if
> > the "Microsoft Conspiracy" theories are true, what does MS expect
> > to gain from such a silly attack, and why would SCO agree to be
> > a patsy?
> >
> > The other thing that irritates me is the fact that US copyright law,
> > which is supposed to protect development and encourage it, seems to
> > be used to hurt it more often than not.
> >
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> > Bill Moran
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> Rumour has it that SCO produce nothing of value and just want to be
> bought by IBM.
> As it happens, this would make SCO's current shareholders' pockets
> rather well lined. I doubt IBM would have any cause to want to own
> SCO beyond making the problem go away - so commence the litigation!
> I'm quite relaxed and looking forward to seeing the outcome.
> (From a safe distance)
> Cheers,
> Alex Trull

The simple truth is, SCO doesn't really care if they win or loose. They
are seeking to impress the public, to make Linux sign the deal so they
can be a contender again.

The whole issue isn't black & white here, it's mixed in with old
Contracts, IP Laws, this that and well... The simple truth is they don't
want to goto court, they want Linux to cower like a kitten to the mighty
SCO because some bigwig in SCO has deemed he is going to start with
Linux and see where he can go from there.

Their intentions are to get a big piece of the pie, and nothing more.
If he can scare the mighty linux into anything really, he's got suddenly
a large piece of the pie.

What's really bad about this, is this was over contracts that were
signed nearly (over 20years i believe) and what's even more stupid about
this is that they haven't been enforced in ages. So it makes their IP
suit even harder. Wether IBM or SCO or SGI or AT&T still has the IP
rights is not the point.

SCO has the bucks right now to make the press look and give them tons of
attention. and that's all SCO wants is the press.

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