* Bill Moran [2003-07-11 09:03:55 -0400]:

> I'm still having trouble understanding the motive behind all this.
> Obviously, SCO can't seriously believe they can gain anything from
> this lawsuit ... Are they nuts and actually think they can win? Is
> there some other motive that no one has yet to discern? Even if
> the "Microsoft Conspiracy" theories are true, what does MS expect
> to gain from such a silly attack, and why would SCO agree to be
> a patsy?
> The other thing that irritates me is the fact that US copyright law,
> which is supposed to protect development and encourage it, seems to
> be used to hurt it more often than not.
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> Bill Moran
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Rumour has it that SCO produce nothing of value and just want to be
bought by IBM.

As it happens, this would make SCO's current shareholders' pockets
rather well lined. I doubt IBM would have any cause to want to own
SCO beyond making the problem go away - so commence the litigation!

I'm quite relaxed and looking forward to seeing the outcome.
(From a safe distance)

Alex Trull

Systems and Network Administrator - Hybyte
https://mail.uk.hybyte.net/~atrull/pgppub.key 0x1DCBCFB7
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