T.M. Sommers wrote:
> Bill Moran wrote:
> >

>> I think that if SCO _wins_ the lawsuit, it will help the free software
>> cause,
>> since the Linux project will be required to remove a few bits of code to
>> satisfy SCO's demands (thus proving that a free software project can
>> easily
>> survive lawsuits such as this). That will be the end of it. Remember
>> that
>> US law is based on precedents, and BSD has a precident set already.

> The outcome of the BSD case was a settlement, which is not precedent at
> all. The opinion on the various motions can be precedent, but as it
> came from a trial court, it is not binding on anyone, including other
> trial courts.

Hmmm ... good point. For some reason I hadn't seen that perfectly obvious

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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