Bill Moran wrote:

> I firmly believe, also, that the Linux folks should take a hint from the
> successful actions of UC Berkely and counter-sue that SCO has stolen
> GPLed
> Linux technology for thier softwares. Demand that a non-biased third
> party
> be given leave to review SCO's source code to prove that there's no GPLed
> code in it. I think that would put SCO in a tight position, just like it
> worked for the BSD's years ago.

That's a brilliant idea, that I haven't seen so far in all the articles
I have
read on this wretched subject. I hope someone takes it up.

My belief is that SCO has stamped firmly on the dragon's tail, and
is waiting around to see what it will do. To stretch the analogy further
(maybe too far), upping the claim to $3 billion was like giving the
dragon a further kick, about where the tail joins the body. We are all
waiting for the response with anticipation and delight.

Mike Jeays

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