Paul Robinson wrote:
> There are at most half a dozen apps that require the retention of the
> current GPL implementation. The rest can either be rm'ed (nobody uses them),
> replaced with BSD licensed versions, or moved out to ports. Awk can be moved
> to non-GPL just by MFC'ing a change already in -CURRENT.

I'm pretty sure that any of these changes (if so) would be made in 5.x
or possibly 6.x, but certainly not 4.x. In case of awk, there are
compatibility issues too.

I would ask you not to consider 4.x as a reference platform. Use 5.x

> The effort to do
> all this is relatively small. I'd do it, you wouldn't notice, but I don't
> (as you know) have any ability to make those changes. But why the hostility
> towards doing it? I know this has the whiff of a bikeshed about it, but to
> me it makes sense. Perhaps I'm missing something...

No hostility I'm sure but merely the statement that degnuification is
not as much of an issue as you'd like it to be.

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