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"Poul-Henning Kamp" writes:
: In message <>, Luigi Rizzo writes:
: >This is why i suggest having a 'scale' that can represent '1 tick'
: >(and also don't depend on TIMEOUT_MSEC == 1000 and so on, but keep
: >them opaque and require that the client code uses one of the supported
: >scales).
: Using a deadline timer based in the HPET, the timeout can be scheduled
: to any 1/14318181th of a second and there will be no concept of "a
: tick" as we know it now.
: Clients should say how often they want to be called, and they should
: express it in terms of time, not based on some implementation detail
: of a historical implementation of the scheduler.

Yes. I'd definitely like to move to this sort of thing. I missed the
conversion routines in my last email, so ignore that part of things...

Does this mean that you're planning a so-called tickless

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