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Poul-Henning Kamp writes:
: Here is my proposed new timeout API for 8.x.
: The primary objective is to make it possible to have multiple timeout
: "providers" of possibly different kind, so that we can have per-cpu
: or per-net-stack timeout handing.
: A secondary goal, is to shove the anti-race handling in destruction of
: timeouts back into the implemenation, rather than force users to spend
: 20+ lines doing that.
: A third goal is to enable deadline scheduling of timeouts using hardware
: like HPET when and where we have it.
: Comments in general (only B/W) and pointers to client code of
: particular interest is most welcome.

>> * A duration of time, represented in the optimal way for a given provider
>> * or family of providers (ie: per cpu).
>> */
>>typedef int timeout_time;

What does this mean? How do I get one of those? Without a unit
associated with this number, it becomes hard to do a "tickless"

Right now we have a well defined unit (1/hz). I worry that without
having a way to convert time to this thing that we'll have more
trouble writing drivers.

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