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>> o TCP has hot and cold CPU/cache affinity.
>> -> The timer facility should provide strong, weak and "don't care"
>> CPU affinity. The affinity should be selected for a timer as
>> whole, not upon each call.

>That is the "timeout_p" you pass into timeout_init() is for.
>What values we will provide there is not decided, apart from NULL
>meaning "whatever..."

I guess I need to elaborate that point some more:

If we want CPU affinity, what happens that that we pass a per-cpu
timeout provider:

timeout_init(&pcpu->timouts, ...)

If we want a private timeout group for NFS we pass that in:

timeout_init(&nfs_timeouts, ...)

Think of the implmentation of the timeouts as an object of which we
can have multiple instances with various private properties...

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