2007/12/1, Poul-Henning Kamp :
> Here is my proposed new timeout API for 8.x.
> The primary objective is to make it possible to have multiple timeout
> "providers" of possibly different kind, so that we can have per-cpu
> or per-net-stack timeout handing.

I have a question so.
Basically, do you plan to have in the so called "per-net-stack"
timeout group all these timeouts which doesn't necessarilly want to
benefit from CPU affinity?
I would expect a tcp callout, which wants to exploit CPU affinity, to
be in the "per-cpu0" group (0 is not a typo, it is expressing even on
what CPU to run). Is this your idea also?

I'm busy with my graduation process in these days, but I hope to came
back to you with a better review of this header in a couple of days.


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