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Peter Wemm writes:
: peter 2007-11-30 21:45:07 UTC
: FreeBSD src repository
: Modified files:
: sys/conf options.amd64 options.i386
: sys/dev/sio sio_isa.c
: Log:
: Allow the sio acpi attachment to be disabled (ie: use hints only). This
: hack means you can get the units and flags to match up more easily with
: serial consoles on machines with acpi tables that cause the com ports
: to be probed in the wrong order (and hence get the wrong sio unit number).
: This replaces the common alternative hack of editing the code to comment
: out the acpi attachment. This could go away entirely when device wiring
: patches are committed.

We should just commit Jhn's wiring hints.

I know there are some objections to them that have been voiced here,
but they are clearly better than what we have now and don't break
anything. Once we get experience with them, we can know the real need
for the advanced features that others have advocated for them.

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