as previously discussed on this list I implemented native FreeBSD *at syscalls.
I tried to stick to POSIX draft as I downloaded it on June 21th. (can be found
for free download on posix web site)

This implements every file related syscall in the "Extended API" (I didnt touch
socket things) completely except:

1) still missing O_EXECL (I need a little help with this as my previous attempt failed)
2) fdopendir (will be implemented in libc only)
3) fexecve() has title set to "fexecve neco" which is not ideal
4) libc bindings

the conformance to the POSIX draft was tested with my (not cleaned-up but usable)
testing program: www.vlakno.cz/~rdivacky/doat.c

the patch itself can be found at: www.vlakno.cz/~rdivacky/linux_at-070627.patch

I'd like to get some review for the patch, especially when it comes to locking and
standard conformance (I did my best but I am still a human being so mistakes are possible).

I'd also welcome some help with the libc part as I have never touched that before.

some other comments and suggestions are welcomed as well of course

thank you

Roman Divacky
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