Andriy Gapon wrote:
> on 22/06/2007 02:33 Ariff Abdullah said the following:
>> Same issue with sound devices as well, but I've managed to solve it by
>> implementing own clone manager which require tiny hook into open() and
>> close() along with garbage collector and ability to handle various
>> abusive behaviour (while : ; ls /dev/xxx ; done, etc). See
>> sys/dev/sound/clone.* . It should be generic enough.

> Maybe I'll say something stupid - I haven't looked at any code nor I
> have any patches of my own, but wouldn't it be possible to manage cloned
> devices similarly to how file descriptors are managed ? That is, don't
> leave unused devices behind, re-use lowest available device id, etc.
> I think that this would be a right thing.

There are still resource exhaustion issues with that simple approach.
Since each copy of my device is single-open, I can refuse the 2nd and
future processes that try to open the same device.

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