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On Thu, 21 Jun 2007 09:29:28 -0700
Nate Lawson wrote:
> Lars Engels wrote:
> > And I just saw that every 5 second a new apm device is created!=20

> >=20
> > [...]

> What are you running that opens /dev/apm? Maybe powerd?
> I have a patch that handles reaping these devices, unfortunately it
> is pending completion of another patch that allows devfs_destroy()
> from a close() routine. That part is a core problem in FreeBSD, and
> it isn't really something in acpi.

Same issue with sound devices as well, but I've managed to solve it by
implementing own clone manager which require tiny hook into open() and
close() along with garbage collector and ability to handle various
abusive behaviour (while : ; ls /dev/xxx ; done, etc). See
sys/dev/sound/clone.* . It should be generic enough.

Ariff Abdullah

.... Recording in stereo is obviously too advanced
and confusing for us idiot ***** users :P ........

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